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    Default Selling buy+ worlds

    First one : BuySilkvests : This one’s tedious to stock but if you do stock this world, you can sell around 5-10 silkvests per day. I avg, a profit of 2 wls on each vest which means you can get around 10-20 wls per day if you stock it well.

    Best offer i got was 16 dls and alot of people offered 15. Its auto sell is 22 dls.

    Second one : BuyCombatRifle : Easy to stock, Easy traffic. The only thing you have to watch out for is the price. Too low and you get ALOT of sales but minimum profit. However, too high would get you barely any sales even though the profit for each rifle would be alot. The profit per day varies, if u sell it cheaply, you can get around 15-20 wls per day, however, the amount you have to stock is outrageous. On the other hand, if you sell it expensively, you would only need to stock 3 a day and get around 5-10 wls profit.

    Best offer i got was 35 dls and alot of people offered me 28-30. Its auto sell is 45 dls.
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