View Poll Results: Change Fishing Fanatics Upcoming Event to Surgery, Startopia, Or Splicing

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  • Yes, this is an obvious change to make

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Thread: Change Upcoming Guild Event Fishing Fanatics to Surgery, Startopia, or Splciing!

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    Please no fishing We still havent done 3 Guild events and u put same event
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    Quote Originally Posted by TannuNinja View Post
    Please no fishing We still havent done 3 Guild events and u put same event
    Yes! Hear Killua!
    Quit this game already
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    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoPath- View Post
    Let me guess. You prepared steel and theater lamps, epc, carrots so you can profit on the upcomming events. Wdym no one likes fishing??? fishing isnt pricy as surg/startopia im happy its fishing so i dont have to spend much wls on guild events. anyways fishing was one of the first events.

    not true i am sick of fishing its a waste of time, i want to do the ones we havent done

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomGrowtopiaChicken View Post
    I dont understand people that make polls with 2 basically same answers - If you are making a poll, there should be atleast one positive, one negative and one neutral answer since its a do-question.

    Also, this idea gets -1 from me, i find surgery and startopia as repetive as fishing, but just more expensive and boring.
    Yeah, and splicing wouldnt be bad.
    you arent even adding the fact that we have already done fishing, which gives no additional prizes, which startopia and surgery do
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    Fishing is boring lol. Though there will be many arguments saying that “Owh, boring but at least show commitment.” But to me there’s really no skill or whatsoever involved, it’s just you staring at blank space waiting for some kind of splash to appear.
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