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Thread: More adventure/parkour stuff

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    Default More adventure/parkour stuff

    World creating is already wonderful and I absolutely love it! Especially because of the vast amount of blocks I can use. HOWEVER, there are a lot of things that I believe are missing, things that hold me back because of their absence.

    - Wrenching and setting up the goblet (after how many hits/deaths it breaks, since right now it breaks after a single death/hit).
    - An adventure item that automatically disappears after a set time (wrench the placed adventure item to set up the timer).
    - An adventure item AND block with a special feature: when having the respected adventure item, you can walk through the new block AND once you walk past it, along with the block closing, the adventure item ALSO disappears. Also, it would be nice if you could set up their groups by wrenching them (like 5 groups in total), with each group change, the item changes it's color (to differentiate the item), groups to set up different identical adventure items with different identical adventure blocks.
    - An adventure password door. With it, you could set up multiple passwords in a single password door, with different links OR the same links (would be insanely useful).
    - A new adventure item ALONG with block with an interesting feature: when having the adventure item, you can break those new adventure blocks (of course, automatic reset after leaving & entering the world).
    - A new type of brazier that lights up EVERY single dark cave background for 10 seconds once walked on with the adventure torch.
    - A new type of adventure item torch that gives you the flashlight effect while having it (a lot of new players can't afford a flashlight, us, creators, putting vending machines with flashlights in them makes us feel...terrible).
    - A block that freezes you once walked on, and until respawned, you cannot move.
    - An adventure item (something like a cold icycle), when having it, you randomly freeze for a few seconds (would be insanely useful, since that way you could make parkours with random deaths, OR some other cool stuff).
    - An adventure item and spike with a very interesting feature: the spikes naturally work as normal spikes, BUT when having the adventure item, YOU CAN WALK ON THOSE SPIKES (Oh god, I could make so much cool stuff with this ajdoiajdi).
    - A special race start + end flag, and a special block: first, connecting those three together, using groups perhaps, and then... Setting up the race start flag, making it so you must reach the end flag in a specific time (time YOU set up), and if failed, you get teleported to the "special new block." We have something similar, but it teleports you to the white door, and that doesn't work at all with adventure worlds.

    - A small security camera update: archiving the entries, drops, takes, giving special space in the security camera for putting those things. When clicked on someone's name in the security camera, the security camera begins showing only those person's logs. Right now, the security cameras - while useful - are too messy.

    I got more ideas but can't put them to words right now. I will edit this thread later.
    ALSO please don't make them hard to get, it's really annoying that all the good parkour/adventure stuff are insanely expensive... What's the point of adding them if barely anyone can use them because of their price? I'd be broke if I went all out with building, since some stuff are just...painfully expensive BUT are too useful specifically in adventure worlds.

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    ^^^^^^^^^ BUMP. Give me your thoughts!

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    Default An add on to infiniteloop wow xD

    2ego you only want this because to add on to infiniteloop right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ego View Post
    A block that freezes you once walked on, and until respawned, you cannot move.
    pretty cool stuff, just not this one, you can already imagine what scammers would use it for
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