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Thread: Invitation to the End-Of-Year Party!

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    Guys, just to make this crystal clear. If you are going to participate in the survey, please fill in your GrowID appropriately. There’s no such thing as (secret)/something along the lines as that. It shows no respect to me, as I’m handling the surveys currently. All those who’s GrowID’s are filled up anonymously will be ignored straight away. If you want to partake in this, make sure you are entitled to what you’ve written and not be a coward hiding behind the keyboard and writing something bad about the party, which I take VERY seriously.

    While most of the participants did a very good job filling up the survey, it’s just those one’s or two’s. Thank you. I will be reading and finding out more solutions based on your answers.

    It’s not too late, fill up the survey (link above) now! Make sure to fill up all questions appropriately!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cahtster View Post
    How to increase your LUCK stats?
    it's hard to explain...



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