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Thread: [Suggestion] Lower Broadcast prices

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Lower Broadcast prices

    A broadcast is currently 300 gems, which is the same as a Super Broadcast. This has to change. Broadcasts aren't seen most of the time because the chat gets minimized by default. Super Broadcasts give you a notification, but regular broadcasts don't do it. My suggestion is to lower the Broadcasts price to 250 gems, it's very close to the current price, it's easily devidable (by 1000) and it explains why Super Broadcasts are more expensive.
    A super broadcast would increase gem price at 300 or more people online, which we almost never see here on console. You can't reach everyone with a broadcast when there are over 1000 players online. This pricing makes no sense with such a small playerbase.

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    Broadcast should be 50gems and Instead of broadcasting to 1000 players, make it 100 players.
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