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Thread: Rate my attempt at wotd!

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    Exclamation Rate my attempt at wotd!

    Here it is! Rate it, give some feedback, etc.
    Name:  treeofexistence.png
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    2/10 for looks just from the render. Wood blocks look terrible stacked together, the blocks used are repetitive with no variety, everything looks like a giant blob.
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    I agree with RootBeerr, the tree doesn’t look like a tree and the blocks are kind of boring. Try mixing the repetitive wood blocks with other types of brown blocks, same goes for the leaves.

    Paint the lava, spikes, etc inside the tree to match the colors of the tree better, they stand out a bit too much in my opinion.

    I can’t actually go in and test the world myself, but judging from the lack of signs, I can assume there’s no storyline throughout the parkour. Adding some will make it more interesting to go through.

    Why did you only use mission blocks in the bottom part of the trunk?

    The punch jammer is in a really awkward spot. You should move it in a corner of the world where it isn’t directly visible while going through the parkour.

    It seems like you spammed the guytraps a bit too much inside the leaves. Try getting rid of any unnecessary ones, or replace some with other green-painted spikes. Jade spikes are very pretty.

    The lava inside the trunk is just floating around awkwardly, try connecting them better and having them connect to the wood blocks. It’ll look more natural. I get there’s no brown paint, but maybe experiment with the black paint on those and see if they blend better. That goes back to my second point.

    Lots of the background in the tree’s leaves are missing. If that’s part of the song I guess you can’t help that but it looks strange. You could change up the parkour such as putting spikes over those parts.

    I’ll give it a 5/10. Has room for improvement but it’s not awful. If you want reasoning with any of my suggestions just let me know.

    Also this isn’t advice but at first glance I thought it was a howling pineapple
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    Sorry mate, gotta do a better job. There is already a ton of "Tree based" WOTD:s. ANd tbh the blocks aren't placed on correct position, it felt like i was looking at a broken wall. Sorry!

    But 3/10 for effort.
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    The tree is Weird try to edit it
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    I think there might be too much bee hives..
    Also maybe change the outlines of the aqua, dirt, evil brick, and cloud rooms?
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    thats one thicc tree
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