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Thread: Exquisite Potions are not working. FIX REQUIRED.

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    Default Exquisite Potions are not working. FIX REQUIRED.

    After the exquisite anomalizers were made so that they dont give pts, ubisoft made all of them have a special use. (exq pin higher % food etc.)
    The exquisite potion was also changed. Or at least they were supposed to be changed.

    The new info of exquisite potion says that they boost ALL anomalizers (reliable, pristine, elegant alike) by 10%, you can check if you dont believe me. However, it has been proven that they DO NOT WORK. Exquisite potions do not give any extra points at all. This needs a fix ASAP or exquisite potions will just be another useless item in the game.

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    My friend, this belong in the bugs and glitches subforum!

    Other than that it would be terrible to see players wasting wls on that and seeing that it doesnt even work

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