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Thread: Stressed, Feeling useless in this world now. Need Advice to keep me positive.

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    Unhappy Stressed, Feeling useless in this world now. Need Advice to keep me positive.

    Skip the story , if you can’t stand my depressed phase.

    Stressed ,
    For some info , I am a really bad student with a bad grades , since grade 7.
    And you know these type of students tends to get bully and left out by most people ,
    and I am one of them.
    No one would pick me for their group project ,
    No one would wants me to be a leader of any kind , even on my best subject (Music and English which I got a really high grade A)
    And now it gone to the point that no one would want to talk to me now ,
    Point where now I felt useless and better if I just leave.
    But I still love it , the school , supportive teachers and great environment for everyone just everything except friends.
    Even how much teacher tried to help me , I still get this feeling and I can’t move on from it.
    And also this point , people see me as like a slave or “just something use for themselves”.
    I love to help , but now they try to get me using my money for other people.
    Other students that have the same grade as me (bad grade) and my siblings knows about this but they can’t really do anything about it.
    Currently , I been improving on grades recently and still , get this feeling of being useless and people will try to beat me up or doing anything that gives me bad look.
    I avoid it all but it still gives me this kind of feeling , useless , nothingness.
    I only have 1 real friend left , he also play GT with me and now a best friend of mine.
    He tried but not really working for me either.

    I want to stay positive as much as possible so I can finally try to get along with the rest of my friends and everyone.
    just need advice on how I can be positive and leave the depressed phase of mine.
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    Try leveling up with your classmates or friends, and it's not bad to express what you really feel to them. Nice words can catch one's people attention and you can enslave them with your sweet words.

    Also, when doing group projects try to open a forum for suggestions so everyone can voice out what they want and what to avoid. Then properly distribute the tasks, do not carry the burden.

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    I've experienced what you are experiencing right now, it's terrible, but what can I do at that time, I can only be quiet, you have a teacher and some people who support you, not like me before. So, for them, those who support you feel happy first, then those who don't support, or use you.
    Keep the spirit live your life, you still have a chance! Please, don't waste it! You will definitely get a time where you will feel useful, or lucky you can live in the moment. Like me, maybe. So, don't despair! And I beg you not to repay their bad deeds with other bad deeds. It will only make you more shunned.
    That's all from me, hope this helps you!

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    Change to a new school and start a new life there.

    ^^This is what I suggest you to do since your current classmates bully you and don't treat you well. Good friends are important and they can definitely help you to relieve your stress and also create good memories with you.

    Let go of your negative feelings or else it will get worse. I once was full of negativity but as soon as I start to change my mindset (my friends helped me with that), I got a lot better. Talk to a therapist or your counselor if nothing above helps.

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    I can relate with you. I can't give you any advice or words of encouragement since I suck at doing those but I hope the situation you're in now will be better for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColdB View Post
    Change to a new school and start a new life there.
    I wish I could do that.
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Keep moving forward. You’ll get rid of all the bad feelings soon. You aren’t alone. Your family will be there for you whenever you need them. I’ll be here too. You can do it!
    Nice to meet you!

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    Default I, Growno Grovanna, have a reply!

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    Tell your parents about your predicament. Like ColdB said, move to a new school. Even if you were able to get high grades, etc. I believe that people will look at your bad side and not become friends with you.
    You need to start anew.

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    Ignore that feeling and recover from it. Don't think on yourself you are useless. You can do more than what you think! We have our own abilities, if that is your limit try to pass that limit. I mean test your limits! Strive more than your limits. Who knows you will be a great man someday. Ignore your classmates, don't let them bring you down! You know who you are by yourself. You are the one who knows what type of person you are!

    Yes! You need friends so that you can strive more but at the end all you need is yourself! Be strong! Ignore them! They don't know what are your abilities. They don't know what you can do that they cannot do. Don't let yourself down, God is always by your side.

    And be yourself. Let them show who you really are! If that person don't like you then leave that person. Go to the people that who really accepts your personality!

    I also feel what you feel. Until now, I still feel that but I would just ignore it. Because deep down, you can do better. Sometimes I prefer to be alone and stay at home than going to the crowd with no friends at all. Because when you are alone, I won't feel like I am alone. If you are in a crowd, you will feel like you are left behind.

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    It appears to me that you have self esteem issues. You judge yourself because you are a very heavy thinker and you always want to do your best, but you have to know that you are already doing your best. Don't push things too far my bro.

    Right now, try to understand why gived you this feeling. Maybe you had some social impact beforehand? I wish I can help but I'm not really good with social support. Try reaching out to your school councelor.

    I wish you the very best, don't be pessimistic, stay positive.



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