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Thread: The most memorable player

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    Y u do dis


    Quote Originally Posted by R4Z View Post
    sydefx, jakeshore, woshipaul...
    Ah yes, the three horsemen of the permaban-pocalypse.

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    Is m456 a dog? Regardless, he still is a very intellectual being, that one might compare him to the likes of Jesus.

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    Me myself and I.

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    i wasnt that active on 2015 so theres nothing much

    on 2016, my brother started playing growtopia, he likes farming and he earns wls

    once he reaches 1 dl, I like borrowing it then bringing people to show their wls (i was salty back in the days) somehow a noob which became my best friend wanna add me.

    At first glance I thought he was a gold digger, but everyday he warped to me and he likes to share his story on what he did on growtopia daily, I've listened and i told the truth about the wls and he ignored it, he just wanted to become my friend

    days goes by and we became best friends. and he reaches his first dl but i didnt. then he kept grinding for it, 1, 2, 3, 5 then 10 dls. sadly after he quitted due to unknown reasons. well he still plays but not that much. I miss him tho

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    (taken today, first known as mustamies87 or something i forgot) miss u man
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    Ok Boomer, thanks for asking!

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    Honestly 2013-2016 forumers who have quitted, they are too many to name but they were solid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R4Z View Post
    wow finally someone mention sixface. i really missed him.
    Same I missed him too, I thought he'd be back after he settled down in the US

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    my most memorable "friend" is the one who drove me to a road of eternal vengeance. He was my very first friend in GT. I remember all my torment and suffering from him and his scamming friends.. He took everything from me.

    For that very player I will see to it that he suffers. I will find him, and I will show him what kind of twisted monster have I become on the inside because of him...

    oopsie I vented a bit too much hihi
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    So I had a friend whom I played Growtopia with for a good couple years.. I’d say from 2014-2016, we called on Skype, built worlds together, even competed to see who would reach 100 growtokens first. All ended with him winning the Growie Award (30dls at that time) and then he quitted shortly after that. Been 3 years since I’ve seen him anywhere online, really miss the dude.
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