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Thread: What should I do? [Poll]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    The problem with trying to expose big YouTubers is that they have a massive fanbase that's often very young and therefore easy to persuade. They might not believe a random "<youtuber> scammed me! [PROOF]" video, but they'll believe their favourite YouTuber when they release "their side of the story" that makes it up like they're the victim or they didn't actually scam.
    i mean what part of a youtuber scam proof video can one of his fans not understand if its clearly showing the youtuber running away with the dls after the trade. any youtuber who was exposed on yt for scamming has been slowly dying with his channel as far as i know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeoFire View Post
    Odd how moderators always show up so fast, except when they know they're wrong.
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    Don't worry, I will...
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    A simple sentence: Better be safe than sorry.
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    i would recommend you to find midman and buy last step.
    Imagine how many midmans scam and how many doesn't (i think it's no skem - 95%/5% - skem) So that's 10% chance of you getting scammed (i'd say it's even lower, a lot of people trade using midman and only some of them getting scammed). Then we take a look at last step price which is 40dls as i heard. But your own wiz will cost around 50dls, so it's 10dls. Imagine 95% chance of getting free 10dls, but you have 5% chance of losing 40dls. I guess everyone would choose free dls, and they would RARELY lose their dls. So what i wanted to say is that you should waste 10dls just for lowing already low 5% risk.
    If you get scammed - that's your fate, if you don't - you can invest those 10dls into something better.

    also which legendary are you making?

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    I recommend that you buy the wizard from the seller.

    If I were you, I'd ask one of the moderators to help me in being a middleman.
    I'm sure at least one moderator will respond if given enough in return.

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    I'm going to bump this πŸ‘€ I'll probably just make my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HugeLock View Post
    I'm sure at least one moderator will respond if given enough in return.
    Bribery 0.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by UBIDEV View Post
    I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......

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    I think making own is better and can be cheaper some times. And mods said once that they can’t do anything if you get scammed by trading steps and that they don’t recommend trading them.



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