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Thread: I just realized how VERY poor, people are in this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScammePlse View Post
    I just edit the thread. I'm no longer replying to this thread. Rather allergic to it now...
    Damn, you're like a child throwing a tantrum.
    How about we step away from the "insulting people we don't know personally for their opposing opinions as a pseudo way of argumentation"-level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLixx View Post
    Why are you comparing with extremes?
    Also, would you consider 50dls "rich"?
    Im speechless idk this person from 2013 think that 50dls is not a rich. You should go ahead and try to ask any 100 poor player with less than 30wls income and 100 rich player with more than 50dls income if 50dls makes them rich or not. See whether they answer the same thing or not.

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    I remembered this one player who finally achieved his goal, The creator of the MickeyMay Leash.

    His story was very commendable. As he kept in his honor of growing naturally in Growtopia through hardcore farming if I remember correctly.
    He withstood oceans of farmables, He broke through, with sheer determination and will in order to become rich.
    I remembered how happy he was, how fulfilling his journey was to my heart. I envy the purity of his journey honestly.

    His journey was one I always remember at the back of my head and should be an example of how we all should act towards Growtopia. But then again it is impossible as Greed is always active in an economic game like Growtopia.
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