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Thread: Cost of each Legendary Quest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by astinotrix View Post
    dragon ~ 90 dls
    bot ~ 185 dls
    katana ~ 260 dls
    wings ~ 475 dls
    title ~ 800 dls

    not 100% accurate, but you can rely on these estimations.
    i didnt bother counting for legendary whip and dragon knight wings bcos they have some complicated steps and im not used to trading the items required for making them so idk the price
    These are approximations without the price of wizard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoSkittles View Post
    Katana price is a little off, it requires 3 Heavenly Scythes (~80 DLS each) and 20 Flame Sabers (5 DLS each).
    Heavenly scythes are slowly dropping since Valentine is approaching. Price of hs now is probably lower than 70dls now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fathi11 GT View Post
    These are approximations without the price of wizard.
    theyre actually with the wizard price included. you should know my post is 1 month old so nothing is stable
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    why is this thread still going lol

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    Dyn has been here for so long I feel that he's a lich or something.

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