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Thread: Growtopia gave away my account - NeffyGT

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    That is so sad man, i used to watch your vids a lot

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    Hey Neffy,

    Quote Originally Posted by soren View Post
    If you’re an old player, you may recognize the name NeffyGT. I used to make videos for this game until I got hacked about 2 years ago. With the assistance of a good mod, and friend ShadowSurf3r I managed to get my account NeffyGT back. I decided to put it to rest once and for all and have not logged in since.

    Today I got tagged on an Instagram post with pictures of me being online, this is sickening. To think that someone could write an email to Growtopia and have them give away my account just like that. What’s even worse is I had 2 step verification on aswell. This is absolutely sickening and disgusting. So yes, NeffyGT is now being used to scam (as seen in the pictures). I’m so disappointed in the privacy and respect this game has for our accounts. Honestly sickening and I can’t say more. No wonder I quit the game.

    Can you please contact the Customer Support team, so we can help you and recover the account for you and send me the Ticket ID via Private Message? We're never giving anyone else other than the account owner access to an account, we have strict policies on this. I'm not sure what happened with the account, but we're willing to investigate.

    However, we don't allow any posts about personal account matters on the forums as we cannot share any information publicly, hence I am closing this.

    Yet again, please reach out to us, and we're going to take a look.

    ~ Baskerville



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