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Heya Growtopians!

Store Wars has arrived with all-new improvements to vending and trades! With our new DigiVend Machine, you can check the LIVE values of your trades to win pricing battles and create the finest deals possible, all supported by a behind-the-scenes economy scanner that tracks each trade to get an average price!
On top of this, we’ve added an all-new Vending Hub that let customers combine the contents of nearby DigiVends for a super-smooth shopping experience! Awesome!

We also have FREEBIE ALERT for you! TapJoy 2X: Get DOUBLE payouts with TapJoy for 24 hours. Don’t miss out on scoring tons of gems!

And don't forget to check out January's IOTM, "Ancient Shards"!
We hope you'll like this update! Please share your feedback and suggestions in the thread here, we would love to know your thoughts about it!

Aaannndd... We all look forward to a fantastic New Year with everyone!

~ NekoRei