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    Default Event Seals Revamp

    [Event Seals - a revamp to the Royal Winter Seal system]

    What this suggestion aims for:
    - Less repetitive
    - Make it more enjoyable for people to get the seals
    - Less pay to win
    - The Seal system to be for all events

    People who have maxed out or has done a certain amount of grinding for the Royal Winter Wonders Branch rewards think that the Seal system gets repetitive and boring at times, this part of the suggestion is to stop this from happening and maybe make it a bit fun as well.

    An Example of an early Seal Quest:

    An Example of a harder Seal Quest (These usually appear when you're at the last few Seal Quests):

    Do you think the quests are too hard? Paying 10,000 gems, you can skip that quest. But unfortunately you cannot gain the prizes it offers. You can, however gain them elsewhere as stated in the next segment.
    There will be a capped amount of Quests which tally up to the total about of Seals needed to claim the last prize of that event track.

    Gaining Seals from other activites
    There are only a total of 3 ways to obtain Seals currently, the easiest one is to buy the In-App-Purchases to obtain seals, another method is to do daily quests for 50 Seals and another is the slowest and the main way to obtain Seals, through crackers.
    These should not be the only ways to obtain the Seals and there are so many activites to do during the event, here, I would propose for other methods to get Seals.

    Examples of the many ways to get seals, similar to the Tree Decoration feature we have for WinterFest

    Event Seals
    A new tab will be located when you wrench yourself (Where the Winter Royal Wonders reward branch is) but instead of 'Winter Royal Wonders' it will be renamed to 'Event Seal Track'
    This tab will allow you to know what rewards you claimed during the event, even after the event ends. It will have all the events inside which showcases how many Event Seals you earned that event and when the event returns next year, your branch resets allowing you to claim them again!
    Special prizes like 'Allowing Ancestral Upgrade to level 6' will be showcased below the Specific event which you got them from.

    An example of how it would look like:

    Clicking on the events will show the items you claimed that year and the amount of Seals you collected, until the event comes back.
    When the event comes back for another year, there will be a tab that shows your 'Overall Seal Obtained' which will tally up last year's total seal + the seals you earn in the future.

    In-App-Purchases, NERFED!
    IAP was a huge part in finishing the WinterFest's Event Track quickly during WinterFest, allowing people to Cash their way out.
    If we made Seals easier to get (The Suggestion) IAPs won't feel as Pay To Win as before, so this could be a huge nerf to IAPS.

    [This will be an indirect nerf, no changes will be done]

    Thank you for reading
    This is my first suggestion this year, and I hope Ubisoft could do something similar to making Seals much easier to obtain in the future. If there's anything wrong or needs to be improved, please do let me know in the replies. Feedback is obviously needed too!
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