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Thread: How do I invest 105 Dls?

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    Default How do I invest 105 Dls?

    How do I invest/use 105 Dls?

    My goal is to get either one of the legendary wings (Like 400-430 Dls) before next Halloween.
    I need 300 dls more.
    I need (Experienced and rich) players to give me advice and guide me on my epic journey to glory.

    (If I grind BFG, I can make 1dl per day max.)
    And that's only 7 a week, around 30 per month with extremely demanding work.

    There's about 300 days until Halloween, and I am looking for a yield of around 140 Wls per day, around 40000-42000 in 300 days.
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    try tackle boxes, 1dl per day but little effort
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    If you want to make good profit, find something nobody else is doing... I made a lot of my wealth through investing in guild events, and because a lot of people would not prepare ahead of time I could make good profits. Investing in guild events still works but not as well because so many people are doing it.

    If you can't find something like that, the next best option is just investing in a seasonal item. An example of these items would be clovers, hot chocolate, ghcs. You wont make as much profit as fast, but its very safe.

    Good luck on getting your legendary item!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    try tackle boxes, 1dl per day but little effort
    I wouldnt want to say yes for this as BUYBAIT is muted and alot of people already selling baits But who knows?

    Quote Originally Posted by HugeLock View Post
    How do I invest/use 105 Dls?
    Here are some option you'd try:
    1. Science Station [Since station is like 6-7/1, u can buy ton of it and earn daily wls]
    2. Lazy farming [Hire people to break your farmable and use slime in your farm world, dont forget to use tractor and chicken plow]
    3. Lazy farming Part 2 [Buy seeds and sell blocks]
    4. Trade [Buy cheap, Sell more, check all item price first and start to do it when u found a cheap one]
    5. Spirit Storage Unit [Kind of gambling and risky, all u gotta do is buy SSU and place in 30 + 10 + 14 ghost in a jar and a boss goo, if you're lucky enough, u can get dreamcatcher which worth around 6 dls if im not wrong or maybe lower] [Not reccomended but u'd try if u want]
    6. Catching Ghost [Take a long time to sell but pretty profitable, buy jar, catch ghost,sell ghost in jar, plant the seed, harvest the tree, catch ghost again, untill u ran out of jar]
    7. Vend world [Pretty profitable, surgery or crime card vend world]
    8. Lazy massing [Buy seeds and splice it! Example: puzzle brick and hospital bed = Surg-e which worth like 8-11/1]
    9. Tackle boxes [It wont give much profit though, but u still can earn some wls per 2 days]
    10. Investing [Buying item from an event, and wait untill the price rise - Please note that not all event item will rise, try to do some research about the item first]
    11. Geiger farming [Buy geiger charger + luminous eye and try to use it with different account and do it over and over again]
    12. Shatter Quest [Buy ton of crystal, make something with it, sell it during carnival because people might need it for the ring quest]
    13. Surgery [Kind of gambling and risky, all u gotta do is buy packs and do surgery as much as u can everyday and hope to get thingamabob] [Not reccomended but u'd try if u want]
    14. BUY+ world
    15. BFG
    16. Silkworm Farming [I dont know if its still a thing or not, but u'd earn some wls from it by making silkvest, etc]

    All the thing i mentioned above is based on my experience

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