Good job Ubisoft! I really like the idea of selling items globally which means that you don't even need to go anywhere to sell ur stuff, you can just put it in a vend and write ur world name in that menu. This is an amazing idea, I can't wait to see Growtopia's popularity increase by doing this. It encourages people to go out, socialise, add, and then whatever happens next. This is a great idea too because It'll allow buyers and sellers to negotiate about the price. I'm also really happy that Ubisoft cares about the old players who've spent not dls, but bgls on the buy+ worlds. Mmm, I myself might have spent over 30 bgls on buy+ worlds because, without the buy+ worlds, Gt is just dead. I'm saying this rn, If you add this to Growtopia and it actually kills the buy+ worlds, at least 40% of gt is going to quit. Buy+ worlds are not only about the vend profit, but the reason why people actually buy those worlds is also because of the world's price. As you know, if you buy a buy+ world for 30dls and you find a buyer for that world for 40dls, that's 10dl profit. Tbh, I don't care anymore... This is the main reason why 30,000 people have quit this game. Good job Ubisoft on making the game more enjoyable, especially for old players. My grammar may not be the best, but at least I can stand up for myself and say this update is B.S. Do it and watch GT die