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Thread: does anyone miss when hamumu sneakpeak about the update?

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    Default does anyone miss when hamumu sneakpeak about the update?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamumu
    (borrowed from The Hamumu Journal)

    Where is Growtopia going in 2016?

    You may have noticed the massive new update in Growtopia yesterday (or you haven't noticed it's massive, since many of the items are undiscovered...). In total, there are 29 new items added. Previously the goal for an update was around 10 items, but we did an update every 2 weeks. The new plan moving forward in 2016 is to do a single update each month, released as close to the 1st of the month as possible (this month was a problem because Apple shuts down for the holidays and we were transitioning from the every-other-week updates), so that each month has a 'theme' of its own, one major update which contains things you may not find right away, or may not even be obtainable right away (such as Carnival, Comet, or Locke items), so that as the month goes on, you piece it all together. There's also of course some items and changes to whatever holiday happens to occur during the month (Anniversary Week, in this case. Happy 3rd birthday, Growtopia!).
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    So what is the big idea here? We got more items this month than we would get in a typical month - on average there'd be 2 updates in a month, which would be an expected amount of 20 new items. But it was also easier for me to do. By doing a single big theme (Steampunk this month) instead of two smaller ones, it's much easier to make a variety of items. Previously I'd have to stop myself - "Oh, that's enough Adventure items for a pack, I have to move on to the next theme". And oh mama were there so many themes!! But now I can go crazy and put in all the things I'm thinking of. Or maybe not - there are actually a lot more potential items for the steam system, and I think I'll be adding them every so often, making it more and more functional. Maybe one day you'll be able to program your own games inside Growtopia, on a steam computer. Anyway, this new system of 1 big update per month allows each update to be fully fleshed out instead of just dipping your toe into a theme.

    The other big benefit is that each update can be very meaningful. You're not going to see a month of "assorted random items". This month we introduce the powerful new steam technology, next month it's... well, you'll see. But it's an entirely new gameplay element again. I know what I'm adding in July and that's fun and different, and I have one other big idea definitely to come this year. I can't promise I have (or will come up with) 12 big game-changers like steam machines, but I do have a lot of big ideas, and if there isn't something game-changing in a month, at least there will be a big meaty update!
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    And the last benefit is just for me: even though it's more stuff for you, it's still less work for me! And it's more fun. I get to work on the crazy ideas I enjoy tinkering with instead of spending so much time cranking out basic items for biweekly updates that there's no time left to experiment. And my real secret hope in my heart is that this more focused work will give the time in between updates to actually set my brain free from Growtopia, and spend a minute thinking about anything else. Who knows, maybe enter a Ludum Dare again one day even? It would sure be nice.

    So you can look forward to a single large update each month from Growtopia going forward. At least until we figure out why that's a terrible idea and switch to something else entirely!

    Bonus: here's a screenshot from an upcoming update, you figure it out:Name:  spoiler.png
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    Like this,
    for more info:

    or is it only me?
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    The sneakpeak right now are Monstrosity (I guess?)

    But Hamumu's sneakpeak is more detailed..

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    While I do enjoy the monsters we get i feel like they don't help us with knowing what the update might be about, it helped maybe once with gross out since you saw a food item in the back but other than that, idk. I enjoyed ones like the startopia or ghosts teasers

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    Seth and Hamumu was passionate in this game that's why they did that things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BEYSBOLL View Post
    Seth and Hamumu was passionate in this game that's why they did that things.
    They were in the begging but then they started to fatigue, it can be seen in the content they added at the end, they even stayed that they would still be around but didn't add something (Ye we remember the chaos that happened with hamumu's account) people usually hate on ubisoft for owning the game, but Sethmumu sold the game for a reason and we should respect it, for sure we will miss them, but now we have to support the Ubidevs we can see the difference between the 1st Ubidevs and the current Ubidevs.

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