What is this, what do you mean no iotm, we were waiting for so long.
We parly have some new uptades and now you guys are taking one away. I swear if soon no uptades i ll quit. But I dont know why I am saying this, you guys don't care anyway.

I actually have spent hours on this **** and I know people who have spent thousands of dollars, you can't just prevent care about us, we are people too but maybe not the same amount as PC/mobile.

We only have this iotm and event every month like the winter fest and now you guys are taking one away.
How fun is it to play, *** is wrong with this game!! The only thing that made me and my friends play more was the new itom and now you guys are taking it away. I don't know what to say.

5 of my friends quit yesterday and there will be more for sure!

And please do not say we are working on fixing glitches or other stuff. It's not true no **** have happend for the last 2-3 month.