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Thread: Reasons why you SHOULDN'T use the Digi-vends

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    Default Reasons why you SHOULDN'T use the Digi-vends

    January 2, 2020.

    Introduction of the Digi-vend and Self Checkout.

    If you are just trying to sell your goods, just use normal vends.

    The reasons? They are....

    1) they make it quicker for BUYERS. Digi-vends do not make the process much easier to the SELLERS. They just make it faster to sell to the buyers. Not only does this not give any benefit to you, but it actually makes you LOSE potential profit. Think about it. If the buyer is in your world for a short amount of time, you get less fossils. In addition, less people may be inclined to enter that world(the random world selection always orders the random worlds based on how many players are in the world).

    2) You will most likely sell less. Now....I'm not a professional, but the Self Checkout block just jumbles all the items together. This makes it easier to see the item being sold, but not it's price. This makes it so the buyers only look for the items they "want"/are currently looking for. But this means buyers won't focus on other deals as much, like if there was a sale on Science Stations for 200/1 wl. Even IF that was true, and normally, anyone would buy it, in the Self Checkout screen, its a lot less noticable unless you are looking for Science Stations. With normal vends, it shows one deal at a time, not crowding the brain with all that information the Self Checkout gives. This makes good deals easier to do. Oh, also don't just say to not use the Self Checkout, cause then the Digi-vends just function as vends which would make using Digi-vends pointless.

    3) They are more expensive. 4000 gems more expensive. Replacing your whole world with these will definitely kill your wallet unless your name is Jamew7.

    Digi-vends ONLY actual uses would be to save space(if you litterally made a vending world with no platforms[but then how would you reach those vends to restock, change the price, or change items?]). Oh...another use could be to fill a world up with these and make a "Where's Waldo" type thing except for vends(Like each vend is filled with Tenny Angel Wings being sold for 1 dl with one of them being sold at 100/wl[If your a Youtuber pls credit me tysm]).

    The Digi-vend only benefits the buyers, not sellers(which are owners of the digi-vends). For that reason, it is absolutely trash doo doo water.
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    they could just turn the normal vending machines into digivends, adding the price checking function to them. now i doubt any rsp/ssp shop owners are going to upgrade their vends, they'll need at least 1 million gems to upgrade all the vends and 1 vend hub for each row, i also find it that its so hard to read the vending deals displayed on the vend hub counter, i'd still rather search for the item displayed in a display block and buying through the vend above it.

    you'll probably see this kind of vends used in every world after a few months, or years
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    They'd have just make a device/item so that it can show us which vend sell what item, and it'll point the location to us [Pretty similar to growscan but instead of finding items that are dropped/placed, it find item in vend]

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