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Thread: Missing items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowgraalera View Post
    No, I believe they got into my email but I’m not sure how because it’s a completely different password.
    If they got to your email they could have stolen the whole account by changing the email of the growid.

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    Since I’m not getting answers from support other than a copy paste response, could a higher up staff please help me out if possible?
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    Hello Growtopians

    Only support staff is able to offer assistance regarding hacked accounts, as the forums isn't the place to discuss this.

    When investigating claims, having AAP active isn't the only thing we look for. User-end security practices and time-frame are also important, among others.

    You're welcome to continue your correspondence in the case you opened, providing any additional details you believe are relevant.

    I also invite you to go over our Growtopian Code here as discussing cases with names isn't allowed.

    I'll be closing the thread now to avoid any further confusion or incorrect information.
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