Here's my suggestion IMO that fit the game and also it's make us to motivate ourself to play.

New Carnival but this time is quest day
Like make some events not only carnival with new NPC.
but this time is a "Quest area" and also with exclusive parkour that when you beat it from others players with record.
you get some amazing prize ( It's monthy and the record is updated and restart every month.

Revamp Tournament.

Can't deny, Tourney isn't popular like nowadays, we need update the prize, the snacks and other also update the pet battles.
( like it's time to Rebalanced it)

More High tech stuff not just digi vend.

in 2020 we've alot of good tech in Real life from electric cars( Tesla) why not make for reference like in real life
like growboard info did.(

we've forget that their info that refers to in real life (IRL) but it's time to bring em back again!!"

More Ubisoft references!

not just Rayman,ezio and some other things, it's time to make an items with alot of references. hey ubisoft just already acquired growtopia for 3 years and it's time to make an events collaboration with other game, come on! ubisoft you can do it!

ehmm just dance 3 ( references please) or south park please.

Carnival World extended and make new game!
okay so, you did 1 new game that good and fun, it's time for new game and make the game huge than before so for as i ( player isn't bored about the game!.

Update your console version! also you need more staff in forums for console version.
can't deny you also forget IOTM sneakpeeky and some update for the forums, and now it's remains stuck on winterfest.
please care us as a player hehe

Role up 2
we need more roles up, that to make us fun in the game not just 5 like farmer, surgery, and others.

B.O.O v2 Update!

we need more ghost like if you spawn a boss ghost there's another ghost also huge to fight to and aim to get their boo potion or some other things, hey Ghost buster references please!

also update the old packs!

add more awesome items! & Growtoken items!
it's been a years nothing new for growtoken items and also awesome items! come on! add more!

we've a few fish, we need more fish to train or chop! chop! to get cooking items!

like example Salmon fish and more!
please add more fish!
or you can do "really gone fishing part 3, and update the fish update or cooking hehe

what do you guys think?