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    Today, I online Growtopia to see what had happened in this game
    It's been a while since my last login Growtopia
    Once I logging in to my main account, the chatbar shows I've been banned and the period is 710 days

    So I decided to use the "FairyDeath" demo account to check whether my world has been taken by that HACKER
    and the answer is YES, all of my rare's world had taken by that HACKER

    And all my farm world had taken by a player named LadySurf total of 16 Chandelier Farm
    with 2,400 Seeds on it.
    All of my music worlds, memories, effort and levels.

    In my opinion, I think the player collaborates with the HACKER to take over my item.

    I hope Growtopia forum will do further investigation on these issues because I'm still holding my friend's item or else I need to pay my friend in CASH MONEY state

    Thanks for reading until here......

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    Growtopia's forum is not a place to discuss such things nor anything will be done regarding this case through it. I would recommend to check out How To Contact Support Desk tutorial to create a ticket in order to get this matter solved. Also, if you didn't had any AAP (Advanced Account Protection) enabled, it's very likely that you won't be receiving any of that stuff that you claim was lost due to getting hacked. Although you can still try and see what kind of response comes about this whole situation. Don't forget to check out The Growtopian Code to have better understanding of the rules in forums and in-game as you can get punished for breaking one of them.
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