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Thread: Anti-duplicate on chat

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    Red face Anti-duplicate on chat

    i was thinking this idea and idk if its good, but since most spammers repeat the same text, it would be nice if there are anti-duplicate on the chat? if you say the same text 5 times, you will be warned, if you still doing it, you may be duct-taped or banned (maybe 1 week)

    i know this is not a decent solution to spammers but i think it will be small fix since you can use copy pasting to spam, advanced spammers that run on servers will be not affected since they can change the code to alternate the text the bot will be spamming

    edit: anti-duplicate cooldown is very long or maybe has no cooldown, i forgot about this lol
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    Well imagine 2 12 year olds fighting and frantically trying to outloud eachother through text by typing same messages over and over again in caps lock.

    When you think about it, it would be fun watching them shut up at the same time.
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    Spammers use macros to type their text at a speed humans cannot reach which makes it looks like it is copy and pasted
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