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    Growtopia has mechanics similar to mario. We can double jump like Mario, so why not add Goombas that we can jump on to kill. It's not a hard mechanic to add and it can add a little bit of spice to the game. And the Goombas can drop gold which can be spent on the Adventure Store which sells you stuff. Or they can even drop monster hides which can be crafted into a new item.

    Integrating parkour into PvE like Mario would be amazing. Fire Piranha Plants are in Mario but we already have Cybots with a similar mechanic.

    Just a thought.

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    If ubi adds too much mario-like stuff, gt will get copyrighted. There's already parkours.

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    Venus Guytrap, plumbing, and mystery block, plus the ability to make songs and worlds similiar to it, we don't need more mario junk

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    Quote Originally Posted by penomico View Post
    We can double jump like Mario
    Mario doesn't double jump. They could easily pass off zombies with axes in their heads as goomba clones, however zombies already exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crunchyy View Post
    If ubi adds too much mario-like stuff, gt will get copyrighted. There's already parkours.
    Platformer game =/= Mario clone. While yes, Nintendo sort of invented the platformer genre of games, it is not right to patent the idea.

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    Perhaps the Nintendo Switch version can add a Mario pack (of course, licensed by Nintendo), however I doubt they'll do that, as 1. There is already the Super Mario Mash-up pack for Minecraft Switch and 2. It may just kill off SMM2 sales.



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