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Thread: League Of Legends looking for members !

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    Default League Of Legends looking for members !

    Hello, im opening another thread for my guild LeagueOfLegends, we have alot of free spots bcos the lazy weeb me is playing league of legends instead of looking for members ingame
    I wont make this a long thread, we're looking for active members in need of a legendary guild!
    we do not score the highest ranks but we still do good in every event.

    there is no deposit, but as long as you follow a few rules , you are eligible to join. u must have a legendary item too jk lol

    Some simple joining requirements :

    and lastly this guild is not for tryharding in events, but its fun to meet new people and fight together for the high ranks and not get called noob guild ! tho ill always try my best to carry you over to rank 100 in every guild event
    Guild Mascot : Name:  Spirit.png
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    Guild Level : 9
    Guild Home : EKKO (its a story adventure world about Ekko, a character from the game League Of Legends)

    our Discord server : if the link is broken just add me on discord (Kyokugen#5974)

    If you think you are eligible to be part of the legends, you can always pm me ingame! you can also reach me through discord (Kyokugen#5974)
    or simply reply to this thread with whats your favorite cereals

    Well then, that would be everything from me!
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