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Hello there Longthany Necktano here the internet busiest music nerd and I am here with a review to the New "Who is Official Forums meet-up" A collaborative project by Ephus , Tobylerasco and many more Not so creative artists
As you can see yourself A not so original album name very bland stupid and just Ewww
The songs on this album are just YUCK
Here's the Track list and order :

~ Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

~ there's literally no "official"

~ Guys Stop it

~ Meet-ups are Forced

~ P.S. I'll be attending Ephus' meetup, since he posted first.

~ The Flasco

~ The egotistical Duo

~ Victim Card

~ "stop cyberbullying me it's illegal"

~ manipulate others

~ The Jedaki Meet-up

~ Don't meme this not funny

~ No swastika

~ Skullifer - Perfect

~ This is a bit ridiculous, isn't it?

The Skullifer Presence on the album with his Hot solo Was Just Perfection
The No Swastika song was just badly written and just OOFED the entire album
There is litterly no "Official" song is EWWWW bad and just seems like a rushed song
The rest of the songs are MEEEEEEEH like nothing really worth mentioning that much
The production value is just disappointing especially since this album was sat on for 6 months for "Production value reasons"

I give this album a stop arguing about such a stupid thing and both host Meet-ups and just live in peace and stop being Power hungry Egotistical Aholes/10

And that's it
i feel like this needs to be added