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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (January - March 2020 Cycle)

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    Default Growtopia All Farmables Price Through time (2013-2020)

    Video title: Growtopia|All Farmables price through time (2013-2020)
    GrowID: BtsofHermes
    Video link:

    What does this video show?
    It shows all the Growtopia farmable's (Seeds) prices from the release of Growtopia till now, visulized using a Bar Chart Race, ranking from the most expensive to the cheapest, the price unit is 1,000 per XX WLs.
    I think it is original because no one actually done bar chart race about Growtopia.
    Wish me good luck.
    IGN: BtsofHermes
    IG: @btsofhermes (Banned) @btsofhermes.alt
    Discord: @BtsofHermes#5606
    F. Eyes: 118/100 (DONE)
    Level 49

    Latest Video:

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    Thumbs up Growtopia |Sharing is caring (VOTW)

    Video title : Growtopia | Sharing is caring (VOTW)
    Growid : CPU
    Video link :

    Animation made with android.
    App that I used:
    1.Cute CUT
    2.medibang Paint
    3.Background Eraser

    Sharing Is caring
    This video is my first short video. I need about 6hour to make it on my phone. Family friendly video XD.

    I'm just starting YouTube channel by trying my luck on winning VOTW. Hope you guys enjoy watching😅

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    Default Growkemon

    Hi guys I can't edit more vids because my cellphone is broken.

    Video Title: Growkemon|Growtopia Animation
    Video Link:

    GrowID: AkosiRon

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    Default " The Fight" A Growtopia Animation

    GrowID: FuzzyGf
    World Owned: FuzzyGerald
    worked really hard on this one >~< hope I'll win!

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    Default The GrowTopia Fighters

    Title: The GrowTopia Fighters

    Description: It’s a short animation I draw with a cheap pencil. I’ve been working on this like 40+ hours. It was hard to draw their head, that’s why I did that at last. I hope I can win this week’s video of the week

    inGameName: ExtraBruh


    If that one doesn’t work:

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    Default The Scammer

    Id like to nominate my animation The Scammer
    I removed some stuff againts rules and added second part

    I think its worth VOTW
    IGN : TTTZ
    IG : TTTZ_GT
    Discord : TTTZ#3597

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    Post How strong is a growtopian?

    Hello, I would like to submit this video for VOTW!

    I've worked really hard with making this video and it's purpose is to teach people, both young and old, some simple math and physics! And hopefully making it entertaining for the viewer at the same time.

    Goodluck to everyone!

    GrowID: MisterBaku

    Video title: How strong is a growtopian?

    Video link:

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    Default The Beard - A Growtopia Animation

    Video Title: The Beard - A Growtopia Animation
    GrowID: Vormn
    Video Link:

    A man comes across a stranger who happens to have a very strange beard... What will his curiosities lead to?

    This is actually my very first VOTW submission ever, getting a Growie Award has always been one of my greatest goals in Growtopia, and I put a lot of time and effort into editing and creating this animation, so I really hope you guys will enjoy it!

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Default 10,000 Hours - Justin Bieber (GrowTopia Music Video)

    Title: 10,000 Hours - Justin Bieber (GrowTopia Music Video)
    GrowID: aussietv
    Link to the video:
    I really hope i win

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    Default [Growtopia] Dance Monkey

    GROWID: LitClown

    Video Link:

    This music video is really good all year around, it’s kind of catchy too! I’ll be sure to make more music videos since so many people requested more!

    I’m really hoping I got a chance at winning VOTW! ❤️
    I’ve been working for it for months! Also, please take the time to see my video! Thank you all for the support! This video did take a few hours to make, I’ve made MANY different music videos! I hope I can win!

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    Default Revealing my *GROWTOPIA* face! "CRINGE WARNING"


    This video should be so cringy for all people..
    I make this video just for fun and hopefuly i can get growie award!!

    In this video im gonna reveal my *GROWTOPIA* face yeah thats all thanks...

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    Default You Don't Need Help | Topia version

    Best Youtuber MadTG



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