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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (January - March 2020 Cycle)

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    Default Win votw!!!!!

    I forgot to add, your one should also be chosen because you left messages onto the song, that's really hard to do you know. I saw most people only put in : PUNCH, BUILD, GROW or some looped song that has no meaning but that 3 sentence that is repeated until the whole song is finished. This might not be your intention OurHope but I can see a message onto your song and I'm just your average high schooler who plays soccer. Still wish you good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by OurHope View Post
    Make A Chase!


    IGN: OurHope

    Writter : Cid Otoc / OurHope
    Music Made by : Cid Otoc / OurHope
    Chords On YT Desc
    Sorry I uploaded it again cause the other post I did didnt upload

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    Default Potential

    This is actually pre cool, although the use of words made it not family friendly. I say this is a good one but 2nd to OurHope's song because yours is one nation sided. It has potential, although im not the one to judge the Votw I know you'll win by time!

    Quote Originally Posted by HarryPlaysGames View Post


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    Default Top 3 VOTW

    I don't really have to type this but this is who I have in mind that'll make it into VOTW.

    List of potential

    *OurHope's Make A Chase Song

    *HarryPlaysGames's Adventure Of Batman & The Bloser

    *Tambay's Wizo The Wizard

    Quote Originally Posted by Tambay View Post
    Hello Guys! I would like to nominate my video for Video Of The Week! Hope you guys enjoy!

    Video Title: Wizzo The Wizard

    GrowID: Tambay

    Video Link:
    Wizo Is funny but does not meet all the criteria provided.

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    Default What's Beneath Bedrock? Mystery of the Unbreakable Block! [VOTW Nomination]

    GrowID: MrB

    Video Title: What's Beneath Bedrock? Mystery of the Unbreakable Block!

    Video Link:

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    Default Old MV of mine (Everybody Do The Flop)

    Old music video of mine (Everybody do the Flop)

    Here's a music video I made way over a year ago as a VOTW attempt. Tons of people used to tell me it was VOTW worthy. I was just scrolling through my YouTube channel and I saw this video again... And then It all came back to me. I think this is still VOTW worthy. — Everybody do the Flop! A fun and exciting Music Video for all Growtopians alike. Enjoy!
    GrowID: LancePlaysYT

    - 3-time Video of The Week Winner!
    - LEVEL: 64/125
    - Subscribers : 3.07k

    Watch one of my videos!:

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    Default Help

    Best Youtuber MadTG

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    Cool Sia - Chandelier | Growtopia Remix for VOTW

    We're back, submitting our almost three-year-old music video project for VOTW!
    No fancy animations, but a nostalgic, traditional music video of Sia's song Chandelier, with our own Growtopia themed lyrics!

    - Pawechu (previously known as Pawepoju)
    - PianoLuigi (previously known as Zirky)
    - Sillycee (whose name hasn't changed)

    Youtube Video Title: Sia - Chandelier | Growtopia Remix
    GrowID: Pawechu
    Link to the Video:

    We put a lot of work to the lyrics, music and recording, so I hope you guys can check it out!

    PianoLuigi (prev. known as Zirky), Growtopian from Finland since Summerfest 2014!

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    Post Growtopia - time lapse blarney world

    Hi guys this is my video for votw nominate, i get concept about blarney world.
    why i make time lapse?
    where people are very happy to go kiss the Blarney Stone with all the obstacles that they went through.
    I always feel unrivaled because I can't make animated videos. because most votes are won from animated videos.
    I can only make video potluck. I hope I can win. many times to follow but never won, I hope this day on Patrick is the day of my chance to win this nomination.
    Title : Growtopia - time lapse blarney world
    Nick : Jenueni

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    Lightbulb "Numbtopia"

    I dedicate this song to my newbie fellow growtopian who struggles of finding things that they really wanted despite of failure, getting scam or being a slave of someone. I want you to feel that you're not alone. This is our fight, let's face these things together, getting stronger. This St. Patrick's month I want to tell u guys that it's not about luck but hardwork. At the end of the day hardwork really matters. You can't wait for a fruit to fall from the tree don't be Juan. Rather be an Ant who work all day long, rain or shine keep working for the benefits of the future.

    GrowID: Plitvice
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    Default Dopa X Topia ST PATRICK DAY

    I hope win guys, its video Drawing animation, and dubbing from me, me make video only 3 day :V, special event ST PATRICKS DAY thanks for watching

    Growid : Oceale
    Link video :

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    Default I Miss You |Growtopia Animation

    Youtube Video Title : I Miss You | GrowTopia Animation
    Link to the video :

    this is my first animation, actually I am not good at making animations because I'm bored, yeah I made this animation instead of nothing during this school holiday, so I just made this animation just for fun

    the story is not clear, in the next animation, I try to make a funny animation thanks for watching


    Editing On My Phone
    The APP I Use:
    -KINEMASTER = for the Video section
    -PIXEL STUDIO = for the Design / Animation section
    I Hope You Guys Enjoy My Video

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    Default My votw nomination

    Title: Growtopia - A message to stay safe from the Corona Virus

    Instead of going with the cliche storyline on how to avoid corona virus, i decided to make a video that reflects on how the young people take the pandemic lightly.

    Everything in this video was created, and no additional image & art were brought from online.

    Made with:
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Premiere pro
    Adobe After effects
    IGN: (No longer) Blueprint

    Hi I need friends ^



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