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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (January - March 2020 Cycle)

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    Thumbs up Growtopia Seven Year Anniversary ( All İtem and Party)

    This is my first votw

    Video Link :

    GROW İD : Gevl

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    Hello Growtopian I'm make new animation for VOTW and IOTM
    İtem name: Dueling Star fighter


    GrowId : EAwizrd

    video link:

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    Lesser Wizard LBForce_GT's Avatar
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    Feb 2019
    Don't kidnap me pls

    Default Play Safe | Growtopia

    Play Safe | An emotional video awareness
    IGN: LBForce

    Hello! This video is an emotional story warning players about the importance of not trusting people behind screens and why it's essential to know the difference between the real world and the virtual world. To understand more the idea, watch the video to the end with your volume up!

    I hope you learn the message from my video. Enjoy!

    P.S: The thumbnail i prepared didn't work, i don't know why :/
    Hi, I'm LBForce

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    Default Growtopia Golden Anniversary


    As time passes by
    We age so fast
    Friends keep disappearing
    For somehow, I am crying

    Growtopia is not only a game
    It gives people such a fame
    It sets us a higher aim
    Without any shame
    For those people, I met

    I wish you all the best
    You were my vest
    and I was your nest

    As I end this poem
    Thank you, Ancient Rome
    For making Growtopia
    To become an Arcadia

    Please click

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    Default Firework hunt (special anniversary)

    ok just go ahead, so this video tells the story of a worker in a party shop who received orders for 3 super fireworks, but unfortunately the stock in the store has run out, so he decided to make Super Firework, then when he did his work he needed 1 more item to activate firework, "Special rope", check the video for more

    Btw concept is 100% made by me
    Grow id : UTLO
    Youtube : UTLO

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    Growtopia Planet

    Post The Fisher - Growtopia Animation

    GrowID : GamersMINI
    Video Title : The Fisher - Growtopia Animation
    Video Link :


    i still trying to get what i want ....

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    Default How WOTD's are picked? for Video of the Week (By Carbonide)

    Hello, I would like to show you my newest project, you will love it! I’m Carbonide, a WOTD builder that wanted to reflect what means to me a WOTD in a VOTW. Yes, it sounds confusing, but every growtopian has wondered so many questions about WOTD’s! That’s why, I decided to make with my friends a short movie about a program named “How ‘it’s made”.

    “Welcome back to How it’s made! This time, we will go through how WOTDs work! Everything from making the trophy, to deciding the world! We will be taking a look at the official WOTD-factory, and meeting the judges themselves and really go behind the scenes of everything!”

    (We posted our video here before with no success, so we decided to improve the video even more, and make it longer aswell!

    I hope you’ll like it!

    IGN: Carbonide

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    Somewhere on Earth

    Lightbulb A Look Back At Life (Growtopia Short Film)

    Sometimes you look at life differently when remembering someone who's long gone or if someone has recently passed. You become aware of your own mortality and realize life can end just like that. At the same time however one should be grateful to be alive because we should enjoy our time here as well as possible.

    Anyway, Happy New Year 2020 hopefully, we could be a better person this year

    Good Luck to everyone and, Thanks!

    GrowID : SuperyoW
    Channel : Rio Ihsan

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    Lightbulb Growtopia film

    Hey everyone, here is a short film explaining why I think Growtopia is such a unique and awesome game. Enjoy
    GrowID: Tinytimii
    IGN: TinyTimii
    Thx Beagle for making my Signature

    Check out one of my video below!

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    Default Toca Toca Toca Growtopia Version VOTW

    Growid : MadTG
    Best Youtuber MadTG

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    Lesser Wizard
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    Feb 2017

    Default The Answers! ( Short Animation Film ) | Growtopia

    GrowID: VendProfits
    Video Title: The Answers!

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    In the Virtual World


    Round two boys! Here's my action movie trailer once again

    It's an action movie about a sole survivor in an apocalyptic end of the world, fighting against the Greezak Union.

    Enjoy . Also good luck to the rest of the contestants!

    Video Title: Gone Astray | Action Movie Trailer | Growtopia Animation
    IGN: 8sian
    IGN: 8sian
    Level: 94

    Bait Shop at : 30LB *DAILY RESTOCK*



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