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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (January - March 2020 Cycle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvengeThanos View Post
    Ign: Messier32


    This game means alot to me so I make a tribute video for the game. Imagining a game is still running and going strong at it's 7th year. We've face a lot of struggles thru years and we went thru ups and down, but it doesn't matter now because were here to celebrate.

    Here's the link:

    1st bump of the week

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    Post Growtopia 7 Years Annivesary | Speed Art |

    GrowID : GamersMINI
    Video Title : Growtopia 7 Years Anniversary | Speed Art |
    Video Link :

    Download Art? :

    i still trying to get what i want ....

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    Smile Video Of The Week Attempt!

    Hey NekoRei! This is my Fourth Attempt at getting the Video Of The Week! My Username in GrowTopia is: aussietv.
    My Channel Username is: Aussie GrowTopia. The Name of My Video is: 10,000 Hours - Justin Bieber (GrowTopia Music Video)

    Thanks! I Hope I Get Video Of The Week!

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    Default Adventures of BATMAN & THE BLOSER

    GrowID: IcyHarry

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    Default My first ever attempt to win VOTW

    Nickname: FarmToWin
    Hey, I made this video just to relax because growtopia has helped me to feel better in life and find new friends
    I know the edits aren't pro but this is all I can do
    Why do I want to win?
    1. I want to show myself what can I do
    2. I want to get the award so I can start making wls with magplants because now I have spent a lot of time in growtopia but I still am so poor (The Rayman isn't mine)
    If I will win it would be much appreciated

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    I think this is my first ever attempt. I hope this video helps though, more coming from the series soon. Hoping we could improvr growtopia's overall world builds.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 83

    Goals :

    Tutoria-Ely Latest Episode:

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    Default Old Town Road Music Video

    Never Give up

    IGN : Jerrian
    Title : Old Town Road
    Link :

    In Game Name : Jerrian

    Please Support my Youtube Channel

    LINK :

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    Default Gong xi fa cai | Nominate for VOTW

    Hey Guys! today i'm back to nominate my video for VOTW!
    Tittle : Happy Chinese New Year 2020 | Growtopia Animation
    GrowID : FebbyT

    i hope i'm win guys!
    Love you guys, have a nice day
    Last edited by Febby Tania; 01-25-2020 at 02:17 PM. Reason: Video

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    Default Scammer Changes - Growtopia music video

    This song is about drop games and changing yourself even if its hard and helping others out. Lyrics are mine but the melody is Imagine Dragons - Birds.

    GrowID: EestiNuudel
    Videos title: Scammer changes - GrowTopia music video
    Link to the video:

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    Red face Wild Bird

    GrowID : Aythug
    Video Title : Growtopia Animation - Wild Bird
    Video Link :

    I hope it deserves a success .

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    Red face Scammer changes - GrowTopia music video

    Hello again!

    This video is made to make sure you know that 1/5 people have scammed others and 4/5 have been scammed ( that doesnt mean you are a scammer if you havent got scammed ). I wrote lyrics myself and edited the video too. Melody is from Imagine Dragons - Birds.

    Videos title: Scammer changes - GrowTopia music video
    GrowID: EestiNuudel

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    Default LEGEND OF LUNAR NEW YEAR |Growtopia Animation

    GROW ID: Messier32

    Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!!

    According to Chinese culture, There is a creature called Nian and believed to be causing too much trouble in their country. In this video, it will show why lunar new year is celebrated every year.


    Thanks for reading everyone!



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