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Thread: Player Insurance

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    Default Player Insurance

    Player Insurance

    What is player insurance and why is it important for games to have it?
    Player Insurance is the basic Idea that if, a. players account is compromised by any means the player can have an investigation launched into their account to retrieve the lost items. This is important Because,
    1. Helps Remove Hackers from the game Due to the fact that a proper investigation will reveal the Hacker and allow for such accounts to be banned.
    2. Stops long term players from quitting due to sudden and unjust loss of items
    3. Removes incentive for Hackers to attack accounts, since investigations will result in the Hacker Gaining nothing.

    How could It be Implemented into growtopia.

    I understand that growtopia is a Low-Budget Game, meaning the insurance systems implemented in other games will not operate due to the low budget that growtopia has.

    So, how would this be implemented? Well firstly some ground rules for accounts that are eligible for insurance,
    1. The Account must have supporter status
    2. The account must be over 180 Days old.
    3. The account must not have been banned for reasons unrelated to the account being compromised.
    4. The amount lost must be viable to be investigated.
    5. This ONLY covers account-wide Comprimises, NOT everyday scams.

    I feel that such a feature will greatly reduce the incentive for hackers to hack high-level accounts, since as of recent AAP has seemingly been bypassed, this will also allow for growtopia to meet some other basic standards in the gaming industry.
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