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Thread: Why are male players treated so differently than females players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohlid View Post
    The ones doing the berating are adolescent edge-lords that are (probably…hopefully) not actually making those remarks to perpetuate some sort of sexist culture. They are addicted to peer approval and cannot validate or entertain themselves without making others feel worse. I am no psychologist, but I would venture to claim their transgressions are a projection of their own insecurities, that they probably are immature socially and genuinely believe in self-righteousness of their in-group.

    Yeah, basically this. The best you can do is pin public accountability on them; unfortunately, the game’s overlords have deemed the community holding people responsible for their actions a form of bullying. So discussing why making sexist remarks is bad and reaffirming that most everyone that is not twelve years old views those remarks as immature will have to be done by their peers…oh god, what a cycle.

    While the internet encompasses most of the developed world, I think the “gamer” community is especially toxic — in the truest sense nonetheless. That speaks to a magnitude unprecedented; we coexist with groups that believe very hateful things, and yet, those groups are seldom talked about because they at least keep to themselves. The gamer community toxic because they are comprised largely of these unscrupulous children on an ego high.

    As aforesaid, they probably are far too immature reality for peer affirmation, which is why I have always gone with the approach that forces them to answer to a community rather than an authority — something apparently not tolerated here. It is different when Ubisoft tacitly coaxes the continuance of toxicity by issuing meaningless punishments — it become a game! But honestly, just observing the Growtopia community, most rational people that had done wrong had either changed or fled the community when confronted. I should refrain from using recent examples, but cases like Paine and JakeShore were both handled entirely by the community, and there were zero problems in reaching a resolve.

    But I am always curious as to what the anonymity factor does. Does it amplify these behaviors because they have no one to answer to, even when their account does? I have no really found a good psychological breakdown of internet culture and anonymity (well, we know what anonymity does), but I think it would be pretty interesting to read something comprehensive.

    Agh, I’ve become incredibly loquacious and tangential again. Pardon my wall of text.
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    S E X I S M !

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    Sad to see sexism in the game. But again you're talking to 10yos. They know nothing. I usually feel pity for them because they got educated badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HugeLock View Post
    You don't either seem to grasp that there is no personal attack against you.
    Everyone gets treated that way.

    Get a grip.
    Finally I agree with Ephus I mean like I’ve seen so many people get treated badly and I’ve seen harassment thru the internet what do you think it’s internet life is not the same like in real life but stay strong don’t let the haters get on your nerves NekoWolf.
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    Idc about gender tho. What important is their attitude. I mean idc if behind that cutie/manly clothes is actually different from what we thought. There's nothing about gender. Toxic player just give excuses to discourage them. Everything you did always get judged by them. No matter how hard you change. Just ignore them, you dont have to keep thinking about it cause that will make you stressed out. Calm down and have fun!

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    Hello girl

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    I don't really see growtopians really treating genders really differently.

    Perhaps your are just being targeted by random.

    I dunno man, at such high toxism, any one could be targeted. All I can tell you is to think nothing of it, else everyday will be a torture in game.
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    kids, just kids

    try your best to get used to hate speech, if you arent then being online wont be fun, especially being a minority
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    they just want a girlfriend
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    I'm a woman gamer. It's the internet. I've learned to just let any ignorance roll off my shoulder. I wouldn't sweat it though, especially in a game with primarily younger players. If you're feeling as if you're being harassed don't be afraid to stick up for yourself. You can let it be known that you won't tolerate being bullied without stooping to their level. If all else fails, the block button exists for a reason and I suggest you use it if you run into problems in the future.


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    Hi Mistie/Winova, in a game with a major community like this, you’ll definitely encounter different types of players, things like these DO happen. What you should do is just ignore those people and walk away or if they get on your nerves and say things that are too harsh, /ignore works well.
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    Bruh, I treat female players more politely than male players.

    guys no sexism is intended hue



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