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Thread: Some reasons on why I became inactive (and will probably stay inactive)

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    Default Some reasons on why I became inactive (and will probably stay inactive)

    I'm pretty sure no one missed me and there should be less toxicity now.
    I got bored of GT and any related stuff after all the dramas. Right before the holidays certain events led my life to become a better, happy one. Dad and I went to Slovakia on a skiing holiday. Pic: I was genuinely happy. But around new year everything changed. I reached the lowest point in my life that I have been. I had no money to eat lunch, mom and stepdad were just expressing hate on me, I needed a place to stay. Certain other bad events happened too. In a couple days situation seemed to have changed, but bad stuff is happening again. At least I now can afford food and parents aren't hating me as much. So I'm not as low as right after the new year, but in a quite bad state again. My mental health is beyond terrible, I have been mentally unstable since 4th grade, but I managed to hold it without showing anything for a couple years, but now it's back, I can barely control myself. (might add some more info later, just not feeling like doing so right now)

    Tl;dr I was (and still am) too busy with work/school and I have no mood to do anything. If anyone needs anything from me, they can contact me on discord (tho who would even need me lol)

    Edit: nvm, stepdad got drunk again and started calling me an idiot, then grounded me because "you don't know how to talk with respect"
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