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Thread: End of my Journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtue View Post
    Hey guys,

    It’s me, Chazing. It’s been a fun and great journey... 2200 days of absolute fun and sadness. Today, my journey has come to an end as I have been banned for 730 days. It’s sad but there’s nothing I could do. Just a warning, never talk to a mod like your friend.. They will betray you and ban you. I msged a mod to have a friendly chat and we did. I asked for the mod i was talking to to check my account history because I was curious to see if it was clean. Turns out he was suspicious because of the amount of times I have changed my email... I gave the reason, we spoke a bit more then he said that he needed to go as he was tired. and woosh 730 day ban.

    Mods aren’t here to be your friend.. Be careful.

    Chazing, signing out.
    The game is trashy waste of time so the best a friend can do for you is ban you be happy no longer have to play the sad chapter gt. Btw dont worrie a lot good games await you may look for a game that is not so indie that they need to hire ppls as mods XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots of Hermes View Post
    INNOCENT? He wasted the mod's time as if the mod wasn't talking to him at all times, the mod could nuke more casinos and ban more scammers. smh
    And how exactly do you know? Are you the mod that spoke to him and investigated his account? This could be a misconception as It has happened with me before.
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