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Thread: Let’s make a story

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    However, at this point, Yuemsu is starting to lose touch with reality, and being unable to differentiate reality from dreams and illusions, they collapsed to their knees, as their mind destroys itself from the countless times they had to die, suddenly waking up after being brought back to life, and out of this chaotic event, Yuemsu ended up reaching a sort of 'transcendence' - not the enlightening kind, but the traumatic kind, where they realised that the events happening has been caused BY YOU.
    YOU were the one that controlled them like a sadistic puppeteer that gives no *dolphin noises SFX* to anything throughout this nightmare.
    YOU were the one that made the FBI raid their home for no concrete reason other than YOU wanted to.
    YOU were the one that summoned Shrek to save them from the chaos you made, but at the same time, tortured them by putting Shrek on their laps.
    YOU were the one that made them play Fortnite, of all things and forced their hands to unwantedly pleasure themselves.
    YOU were the one that Rickrolled them and have their dominance violated.
    YOU were the one that somehow made them faint for no clear cause.
    YOU were the one that traumatized the living daylight of them by spawning a crocodile in their bathtub.
    YOU were the one that forced them to embarrass themselves in front of the Ubisoft Team, and inadvertently created a cardinal sin by making Ubisoft sell Growtopia to EA.
    YOU were the one that made them experience the first two events that happened to them.
    YOU were the one that made them see a horrifying amalgamation of two beings.
    YOU were the one that turned the big angry gorilla attacking the school onto them, and having them arrested out of the blue.
    YOU were the one that killed them.
    YOU were the one that brought them back before killing them again.
    YOU were the one that brought them back again and forced them to commit another sin through school shooting
    YOU were the one that forced them to watch as everyone else dies to an earthquake as they are the only ones that survived.
    Lastly, YOU were the one that made them transcend just so YOU can see them suffer as they were forced to embrace this reality.

    YOU were the one that created them when they didn't ask to be created, killed them and brought them back to life without their consent. And YOU were the one that tormented them through making them do and witness things that they cannot do. And for everytime you did this, you break them a little.

    Now as we speak, Yuemsu has become self aware, and they knew - YOU DID THIS TO THEM. And they're now coming for YOU. And they won't stop until everyone that tormented them over and over has perished in the exact same way they had to experience. In fact, they're already on their way to this quest for vengeance, starting from Sumotravis30-oh wait what? Oh dear I hope I didn't just doom myself by typing th
    This is Sumo. He's just a random level 69 Growtopian.

    That's it. What else d'you wanna know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJPMcG View Post
    Boi how can u respawn irl?!?!
    Uh a story in growtopia ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    After yuemsu realized he was being controlled , he logged out , the end !

    ps : Nice story . thank you for making a great story
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    But xWeirda said, "You came down from a distant planet, to conquer the Earth with the power of R O C C". That was the sentence that helped Yuemsu recover his memories from his past life, the life where he came down from a distant planet, with the task of conquering the Earth with the power of R O C C.
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