So here is the deal.

Some guy said he will give 2dls, for no reasons and no drop, casino or whatever.
He invited me to his world, (dirt one) and i asked why would he give 2dls for nothing. He said its for his video, and he said he will hide dls in world and i have 1min time to look for it. I accepted accees on wl, and he kicked me and said that he will make casino and i will get banned. Hes asking 1dl in trade to remove acc. Well.. obviously im not so dumb that will fall for it, i screenshotted our conversation and hope if he ever make casino and i get banned for being admin, mods/support will take them for evidence

Long story short, beware of these kind of new scams.. rip me

Edit. So there is no command in world that can unaccess u from wl? There is SL at white door so i cant get near wl