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Thread: The honest opinion on those who moderate this game (About BFGs too ig)

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    imagine having the players suffer the consequences because you're not able to fix your game's exploits for 3 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeoFire View Post
    Odd how moderators always show up so fast, except when they know they're wrong.
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    Don't worry, I will...
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    You think we should start banning BUY+ worlds because there are spambots. This confuses me. Why would a BUY+ world owner get banned for someone else sticking spambots in their world telling players to go to OTHER worlds? There is absolutely no benefit for the BUY+ world owner.

    Imagine this real life rendition of your scenario: You're in a self-serve store. Someone's shouting near the door that you can buy surgery equipment in another store somewhere else. The police show up, arrest him, then the self-serve store gets closed for "allowing" this kind of disruption.

    Cool. BUY+ world is banned now; an innocent offline player removed from Growtopia.
    If you dont allow BFG owner to have autofarmers on their world... Then why you allow spammers to spam on Buy++ world... Also autofarmers benefit themselves without affect other players while spammers benefit themselves + affect the players by blocking their screen to sell/buy something which is annoying... So does this sounds fair to you..... ???
    (Yes i know that mods ban spammers but they kept showing up. No matter what you do it didnt stop. My point was spammers dealt more damage to economy compared to autofarmer.)

    The BFG scenario in real life: You own a factory, but you don't pay your workers. Anybody can come and work in your factory. All of a sudden, a couple of workers seem to be getting you more profit than the others, but they don't appear to be doing anything special from what you can see. The police show up, arrest these two workers for cheating the system, then your factory gets shut down and you get banned for allowing your workers to cheat. This is because you're gaining the profit for them cheating.
    Ok i got banned for allowing workers to cheat... :(( sad.. But...... How do I know if my worker cheat or not? (IRL)

    Wow. BFG world got nuked because it didn't stop the auto-farmers... I wonder what we can do to fix this so it doesn't happen? Hmm...
    By letting them autofarm same like what you did to spambots...? idk

    Close your "factory" when you're not there. Simple fix. Stop letting people use your BFG. If you can't monitor your own world, you might not be qualified to run a BFG. It's your responsibility.
    We need an advice how to close our factory when we dced, phone suddenly rebooted, someone called you, internet connection suddenly lost n other unlucky situation tq. Because... Its our responsibility...To close our factory......

    Edit: Im not trying to be rude on here but as you can see things that i said happened in GT..So yea...Dont get offended by
    it.. Thats all oke cya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedaki View Post
    tldr pls im lazy
    Ill add a tldr later today. Always forget that. But if you did read everything, its like getting spanked by your mom but add ointment on to that pain. To smoother it, and let it seep in.

    Btw, my tldr are so bootleg compared to the real thing, its gonna be so summarized that I probably miss entire portions of the actual content.
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    Default About BFG Owners

    Well The Auto-Farmers In BFG Worlds Just Get More Gems Than Normal Farmers . Because They Don't Put Effort Into . Well That's Not Fair For '' Only Gem Farmers Inside The BFG World '' . The BFG Owner Just Doesn't Profit More From The Auto-Farmers There . The Farmable Is Stock Always Ends Tho Without Auto-Farmers . I Don't See Any Reason For Banning BFG World Owners . The Auto-Farmers Inside Should Be Banned If Seen . The World Doesn't Need Any Moderation . First Moderate The Game . Btw Its Pretty Good Idea I Just Found Out : If A World Has Magplant Inside The Players Get Kicked Out Of World If They Stay In World Like 10 Minutes . Like The World Lock Player Time Settings . And You Can Pretty Eliminate All The Auto-Farmers .

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    You do make some very valid points, however I think these ideas would be conveyed better if it was written in a more formal and less aggressive tone.
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    Hi all,

    We would like to make an official statement about this reply. Answers, in this case to explain our stance regarding BFGs and Autofarmers, are sometimes not easy to convey.

    We still stand by our stance in this regard, you can read more about it here: Default Autofarming and BFG with Autofarmers Punishment Rules. Banning Autofarmers is obviously out of question, however we're happy to partake in a constructive, non-hostile discussion about adjusting the rules for Owners. We still think that it is your reliability to make sure your world does not get abused as it is our duty to make sure Bots, Cheaters and anyone else infringing on the rules get punished as well. But we always want to make sure that BFGs and punishments for autofarming are handled without hurting the community and the playerbase as a whole.

    As for the response from Odric, we've talked internally about this, as this reply did not meet our standards. We're sorry that this response made you think we would not care or even blame the players, which is in no means our intent. We've decided not to delete the post, or make an edit. We acknowledge that this post was made, but we don't stand by the content, and we apologize for it.

    I will be closing this thread, for further discussions about BFG and Autofarming please open a new and clean thread so it does not distract from the topic, we can take the discussion from there

    ~ Baskerville



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