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Thread: Screen touch issue

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    Default Screen touch issue

    This randomly occuring bug is very deadly when we are playing parkour. Many Android users have experienced this bug(only on Android phone it occurs I guess). Sometimes suddenly screen touch do not work. I couldn't find what makes it occur, or why does it occur. One thing I found is that, after the bug occur, if I rerun a game, the system wording says "Can't find a website. Bad URL or blah blah".

    I have once Emailed about this issue to the support last year, and they said that they are working on the issue. I want to know the progress of the work. Thanks. Comment below if you have experienced the same bug.

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    Imagine trying to parkour on a touch screen.
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    I've had this happen to me, I sometimes play on my phone when I'm in school or just too lazy to get on my computer. Sometimes when pressing two things simultaneously or typing out something really quick, the touch screen stops working and It's required to run the game again in order for it to start working again. However, the game does not stop or lag out, you are able to see everything that's going on but you cannot press anything, It's really frustrating. I'll do more testing on this on a later date and I'll update this once I find something useful.
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