Cowboys Foam Hat: Cool new hat would look something like this

Red Cross Sign, Green Cross Sign, Blue Cross Sign: All the same just different colors
These 3 items would be a sign which are just a Cross meaning you can’t go past it you would need a item like a key sort of, would be good on wotd’s. picture:

Dartbow: A bow which would be just like heatbow but shoot poisonous darts which will give you green smoke sort of but a small smoke, just like smokes gadget on r6s. Picture:

Now where getting to something more interesting: Rusty Sword: A really powerful sword that would give you slashing effect but not just that it will make the player have strong punch too! For this I think there should come rusty armor, rusty helmet etc just like samurai set. Picture

Dreamcrusher: Just like dreamcatcher but you will drop it in growganoth. Same effect still, just like golden aura inserts to black aura.

Blocks, Clothes and foods: Cornstalk: Block, Ulterior: Block, Soupbowls: Give you restoring effect and prevents you from getting infected by zombies. Cooked in a oven. Toastedsandwich: Cooked in a oven. Big top: a girls shirt different from small top. Ramen Noodles: Random food. Favorite Bands Shirt and Pants: Cool clothes come from rockin’ pack, should have flames on the shirt and pants. Hell’s block: Just a block.
Mind seeker: Cool head item with a ghost or something floating on top. Homburgs: Hat item. Spiralis: Item from carnival. Gaidens: Block. Pyramida: Block. Matteblock: Group of blocks with different colors with matte on them for example matte black block. Quetz: Blue block. Brodie Helmet: A helmet. Twinklebox: Block that makes music. Snaredrums: Drums around your neck. Fuzzy Socks: Clothe item. Cranberries: Food. Growperks: perks in grow now it’s up to them what these perks do, this just a suggestion. Paragraph: a block would work like bulletin board. Philoscope: A scope. Motorcross: a bike. Dune Racer Car: A car who leaves sand dust after as a trail. Alley: Background. Cursed Block: If you walk over it you get killed instantly. Rocket Forge: New cool block. Growport: New portal you get from carnival. Looper eyes: Your eyes spin in white and black. Alphabet blocks: We already got number blocks so this is like A Block B Block C Block you get me? #O Block Fiber Optics: clothe Irradiator: Block Fallcraft: Block

And I’m finally done phew.