Vending Hub - Checkout Counter needs an update.
A lot of people dont know that they can use Vending Hub to Purchase Items or Set the Vend only using Vending Hub.
The Item Icon is so Small that they dont even knew that if they tap/click on it they can open the DigiVend.
Also please add a number before the item icons it will be a big help, and lastly If the vend is out of order because of
insuficient stock instead of displaying a disabled DigiVend with a label of "This DigiVend is out of order!" make it like this
1. Icon - (Quantity: 17) - Cost 1 x World Lock(s) to get 20 x Blocks (! Insuficient Stock)
Because it is so hard to restock you need to manually click all the DigiVend that is out of order to find and restock something.

This image is example the icon is still too small (Paint Lv.125)
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