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Thread: A better system for securing your account

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    Default A better system for securing your account

    Clearly the “AAP” isn’t working out, hackers have a easy bypass to it somehow and I even heard that first time logging on a new device it doesn’t even lock it with a AAP. (Not sure about this one), but the point here is that the current so called “Advanced Account Protection” is cheap and is as good a broccoli (And by Brocolli I mean disgusting and bad) when someone gets access to your email it’s as good as saying goodbye to your account.

    If to introduce this feature then should introduce a better AAP such as in Steam where you need a 3rd party device (such as phone) which refreshes the 2fac code every 15 seconds. I’ve never heard anyone get hacked with a system like that, infact Gaben himself was so certain he wouldn’t get hacked he gave up his account details to everyone in a interview. As much as I’m aware he has never been hacked to this day.

    It’s just so much better and so much secure, Me myself I use a 3rd party code “authy” for my Discord and it’s really good for what it is. Add this or remove aap entirely because it’s a joke at this point.
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    Fully agree with changing it, but if they won't change it, they shouldn't remove it from the game, as it's some security from newbie hackers. By newbie I mean those who use phishing websites
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