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You're not getting my point. There are a few famous players, I won't say who, who got banned for sharing accounts. The person who was given the account details didn't "get the account banned". He'd just probably play on the account to help him or for fun. If they don't wanna spend their time and energy on fixing damage, why just go and ban what people gave years and spent ages on growing? Let them be. If they shared their details and got scammed then it's their fault.

Also, if they're being flooded with mails about damage from their actions then it's the Growtopian's fault. Support can't do anything since the rules literally states that stolen items can't be retrieved. It's their fault they didn't read the rules. Why go ahead and make a rule that literally is a pain for others who are actually siblings?

Additionally, what you didn't understand is. If my sibling went to his honeymoon for example, he'd probably want to spend time with his fiancee rather than playing Growtopia so I could go do stuff that he doesn't have time to do by playing on his account. And obviously I won't scam my sibling since (we're literally from the same family). Not everything is related to farmables mate.

Support isn't even supposed to "deal" with the issues that come from this problem since Growtopia made it clear that if you don't read the rules, it's your fault. This rule didn't "come" so they can make it easier for themselves.

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Exactly my point Chloe. It's not Ubisoft's problem since they didn't read the rules. Also another rule where if you're a BFG owner, you basically can't go afk anytime or leave to another world since if the moderators catch an autofarmer in your bfg, they'll nuke your world without any warnings despite all the signs saying "No autofarmers". It's not fun to monitor my bfg world every 5 seconds

I agree with everything you said. They could focus more on suggestions that would make our connection to Growtopia reinforced and probably would stay to play for longer rather than quitting and moving on. Hopefully they'll listen to our suggestions and one day Growtopia goes back to it's older state. The game is already in a good position but it can be improved.