They're not really small Legendaries I just call em that because they look like small Legendaries. So what are these small Legendaries? They are items that looks legendary items but you don't really get it from the legendary wizard. I know the terms legendary items are not only from Legendary wizard. But these past updates from 2018 to 2019 Ubisoft has been adding clothing that looks legendary. Here's some of em

1. Angel Of mercy Wings
We can agree that mercy wings looks legendary it's also untradable. And getting it is also a pain.

2. Armored Winterbot
The "small legendary" we can't get our hands on untill December of 2020. This robot looks similar to grow former. I mean of course Legendary Robot is the best robot but for such a budget price this winterbot is the way to go. But as of right now we can't get it because winterFest is over.

3. Gauntlet of elements, Sonic Burster Sword, comet hair
Even to unlock it you need to unlock the "Legendary" Branch of the guild rewards. The gauntlet is from the summer Branch the Burster Sword is from the winter Branch and the comet hair is from the spring Branch P.S. the sword looks like the legendary katana

4. Spirit Of Anubis
Okay this one is actually more expensive to get than the legendary dragon. Owning the mask, seal, mail, greaves, boots, and the sunblade and going to a sungate with the destination DUAT: (insert 3 letters here) can give you the spirit of Anubis which as of right now I'm sure is the tallest clothing items in gt beating the legendary robot. Sad thing is it can't double jump.

Now what do you guys think about these items? Are they unfair? Are they cooler than legendary items?