About 30 minutes ago, my friend and I were hanging out in our parkour world, doing absolutely nothing. We and other players in our world started getting winterfest crowns from an invisible player, which turned out to be @odric the moderator. Shortly after he revealed himself, my friend and I received 720-day bans.

After researching for about 5 minutes, I landed on his Instagram page. On his latest post, many other members are complaining about receiving 720-day bans for no reason (check his latest Instagram post for source). My friend created a post on her Instagram as well, to which she received a response from another user almost immediately complaining about the same problem.

This leaves 2 possibilities:
1. A moderator is going rogue.
2. A moderator's account has been hacked into.

Does anyone have any information about this? I have included [720-day ban] in the title in case anyone else comes seeking answers for the same problem. Thank you for reading.