We do have the Emerald Lock, that gives everyone the chance to get more gems, it's somewhat like a public "Riches"

We do have the Xenonite Crystal to enhance the capabilities of all players in the world.

How about Ancestral Charms for worlds?

It would be really nice to have new charms that would increase effects by a tiny percentage (0.5% - 1%) of all players in a world.

[Public advantage]
  • Ancestral Charm of Dimensions - Extra Blocks for all
  • Ancestral Charm of Riches- Extra Gems for all
  • Ancestral Charm of Wisdom - Extra experience for all

[Only of advantage to people with access to a lock]
  • Ancestral Charm of Time- Reduced provider time for all
  • Ancestral Charm of Life - Reduced growth time for all

Not everyone has the DLs to level an ancestral item, with those Charms there would be Worlds of sort that increase certain effects.

Either it could be possible to place all charms individually into a world for all effects at once, or, to limit effects, make it 2 toggle charms.

  • Ancestral Charm of Gain (Dimensions OR Riches OR Wisdom) - by combining a Level 1 of each
  • Ancestral Charm of Reduction (Time OR Life) - by combining a Level 1 of each + ?

What do you think?