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Thread: Ultimate PVP mechanic

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    Exclamation Ultimate PVP mechanic

    A new section of the game: PVP: Battle of the Growtopian (Game pack upgrade)(Made by System/permanent update)
    Introducing new ways to earn gems wls....

    2 team Red and Blue/players can choose classes

    if you on the winning team you will receive rewards like gems or wls or exclusive untradable stuff
    rewards also determined by the damage you did to the opponent.

    The PVP used the weapon that already has in Growtopia for example
    Ranger-Bows :
    Rank 0: Elvish Longbow
    Rank 1: Heart bow
    Rank 2: Heat bow
    Rank 3: Electric Bow
    Rank 4: Silverstar Bow
    Rank 5: Winter Frost Bow

    more rank=more damage
    you need to equip before entering the match in order to bring your selected weapon if you don't equip any weapon you will be random into classes and get rank 0 weapons.

    Arena: generated by the system have some part that can be break by miners and some part that are unbreakable
    Matchmaking: balance by damage and number of player each team has

    weapon: axes
    hit range: 2 blocks
    ability to charge in which direction player face(like getting punch by a boxing glove) when charging only take damage by 50%(Double press A or D)
    health: 100
    speed: medium
    damage: medium

    weapon: bows
    hit range: 5 blocks
    ability to place down a bear trap to immobile an opponent for 3 seconds
    health: 80
    speed: medium
    damage: medium

    weapon: pickaxes
    hit range: 1 blocks
    ability to place only 50 solid normal blocks in the game
    ability to place 2 Howlers and a health box
    ability to break some part of the arena, can break player's construction faster than other class
    health: 80
    speed: normal
    damage: pickaxe(low) Howler(1 projectile/20 damages)
    ---miner's placable items can be break by opponent players, once it breaks it will return to the miner's inventory
    ---health box work like music block in-game, if you stand near it. It will heal you.

    weapon: swords/katana/knife/chainsaw...
    hit range: 1 blocks
    ability to go invisible for 8 seconds if you hit a player or getting hit you will reveal yourself
    health: 60
    speed: fast
    damage: high

    *more classes can be add

    Which team kill the most opponent = win

    Control point
    Three control points are held by the Red Team at the beginning of the game.
    The Blue Team needs to capture each of these within the allotted time.
    As soon as the Blues takes a control point, the next one is unlocked and 3 minutes is added to the clock.
    The Red Team cannot take back a point once it's been captured.

    Save the princess
    The Princess is played by someone on the Red Team; she gets 60 hit points and can turn her opponents into chickens.
    A player that's been chickenized will be unable to attack for 7 seconds, and their defence drops by 20%.
    The Blue Team must try to eliminate the Princess within 5 minutes.
    Teams switch roles every new match, so if you were just defending the Princess, get ready to fight her the next time around.
    If you're a member of the Blue Team and are waiting for the next match to start, you can request to be the Princess by typing /Princess.

    Double princess
    Same as "Save the princess" but each team got their own princess.
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    wish we could get fun updates like that, rather than useless clothes that nobody wears
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    Sounds hard to implement. Maybe if you do some fixes on your idea(Like engineer, the Sentry AI may cause lag, and the fact engineer has low damage with 0 range. If he has 0 range, he should at least do alot of damage, especially since he's slow too)

    Besides that, cool idea. It can make use of the hotbar to have abilities. Personally, I feel like it would be worth the development time.

    There should be a starting of 10 maps then, as it gets less popular, strink to 3 maps.
    If a game is automatically hosted every one hour(or 30 minutes) giving a world lock to each MVP and 50 gems to the winning team players, this would be intrested and not cause too much inflation.
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    Update on miner


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    This is a fun suggestion to add to yet it's kinda hard to implement to the game and i also heard that the servers are laggy, but this is a good suggestion

    Also, save the princess and double princess can be abused as some people in the red and blue team can team



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