For me, I do fishing if I need to stock up for chunks for my little fishies, or for those "Catch Xlb. of fish" and "Submit 50 X". Yea, at least one of those.

But sometimes doing those quest can be boring. So I suggest that we should have 2 new baits. And I'll explain to you.

The "Fish Only" Bait/Fish Attractor Bait

This bait, as the name implies, litteraly catches only fishies and not junks(if its possible). So that those "catch Xlb. of fish" quests won't be such a nuisance. And, it'll be faster to get more chunks, since the price of chunks is already 200/wl (current price during this thread). Possibly a good investment for fish training.

The Junk Bait

Yes, the name implies as well, catches nothing but junk. But, instead of junks from the current water you're fishing at, like for example Uranium water, you can get all junks from all types of water. Like a Cooler Box from the Icy Water. But this bait also have a brand new junks as well that might be useful. Like a brand new clothing! Or some useful items that boosts our fishing experience!

Some examples I had in mind :
Whale Hat
A brand new rod (I don't have any bright idea for this)
A brand new floatie
Submarine (yes, you can get a submarine, have a wee bit similarities like the Dueling Star Fighter's transformation)
Fishing Net (similar to lobster traps, but you can put this underwater and can catch up to 3 fishes per throw)

Aight, thanks for reading! Leave your suggestions beloww!