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Thread: Riding Comet Seed (only 1 in game)

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    Default Riding Comet Seed (only 1 in game)

    The riding comet seed is the only known to be in the game, which makes it extremely valuable.

    The seed was obtained around 2016 by the clothing compactor, but because of people abusing genies to farm galatic seed, they made all cosmic clothing uncompactable.

    Because of it being the only seed in the game and have been for 4 years, it puts an extreme value to the seed, since you will never be able to obtain it again.

    So far the best offer i have got an 85 dl offer and a 100 dl by LostKings.

    What do you guys think the price of the seed is?

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    Literally any price since if there is only one item it can be whatever you want
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    I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't LostKings selling one as well with other cosmic seeds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CandleJack View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't LostKings selling one as well with other cosmic seeds?
    LostKings were selling a blue comet seed

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    You can set the price by your own since theres only 1 ingame. I remembered that the rollback plaque 1 seed was the most expensive seed in the game until now, but theres around 3 seeds in game and someone said that it is worth around 500dls+. I'd recommend you to sell it around 200dls+ cuz why not?

    Note :
    Rollback plaque 1 seed could worth more than the riding comet seed that you have because it was introduced accidentaly back in 2013 but the riding comet seed was introduced accidentaly back in 2016, so theres a 3 year gap and 3 year is a lot of time.



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