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Thread: Pet Battle Gyms Thread 2.0

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    Default Pet Battle Gyms Thread 2.0

    The last thread about pet battle gyms was terrible and I am here to rewrite everything so it's not a huge load of junk

    Current Pet Battle Gyms:
    1. Canine Gym (Gym Leader: Deftera ; World: CANINEGYM)
    2. Rhino Gym (Gym Leader: ooopsi ; World: RHINOGYM)
    3. Blizzard Gym (Gym Leader: SnowBlizter ; World: BLIZZARDGYM)
    4. Chrono Gym (Gym Leader: Morianna ; World: CHRONOGYM)
    5. Cowboy Gym (Gym Leader: R4Z ; World: COWBOYGYM)
    6. Mountain Gym (Gym Leader: Sumotravis30 ; World: MTBLIZZARD)
    7. -----
    8. -----

    1. Canine Badge (Barky Mask)
    2. Rhino Badge (Cardboard Box)
    3. Blizzard Badge (Worthless Rags)
    4. Chrono Badge (Extractium Shard)
    5. Cowboy Badge (Cowboy Hat)
    6. Balance Badge (Wizard Staff)
    7. -----
    8. -----

    I am currently still recruiting Gym Leaders and here are the requirements:
    1. These decks are not allowed: Cancid, DS Sheep, Boredom, Cancer Mini Peng and Cloud Rabbit, Evil Snowman (These decks are either cancerous, easily countered, has no real fight in it or are simply a nuisance.)
    2. You must pass a test, where I will battle you and deem if you are worthy. (Not necessary to win against me, you simply have to bring out your deck's tactics, spamming attacks without timing will be deemed unworthy.)
    3. If you are worthy, you must have an item you can easily gather that can be a badge. (Duh)
    4. I don't care how you build your gyms, but it must have a room to record winners. This is to prevent scummy cheaters from buying "badges" and access future tournaments that require badges.
    5. Set your own rules in your gym, I can't control what you want to setup.

    Interested? Find me in game and you'll go through a test.
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